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Maxims of Imam Hussein A.S

part 4


46 - The most merciful person is the one who forgives when he is able to revenge. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 78 , P. 121)


47 - Your best relation is the one who comes to you and helps you when you have severed relations with him. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 78, P. 121)


48 - Whoever sorts out the difficulty of a believer God will sort out his difficulties in this world and in the hereafter. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 78 , P. 122)


49 - Tolerance is man's ornament, keeping promises is a sign of nobility, and bonding with others is a grace. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 78, P. 122)


50 - Arrogance is a sign of selfishness rashness is a sign of foolishness and foolishness is a sign of weakness and exaggeration causes destruction. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 78 , P. 122)


51 - Thinking of war is spine-chilling and its taste is extremely unpleasant. A true warrior is one who steps into the scene of war, fully armed, with no fear of the enemy. Whoever starts fighting at an inappropriate time, or when he is not fully equipped and prepared, or without having made plans about it, he will not be helpful for his people and he will die in vain. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 32, P. 405)


52 - I advise you to keep piety and chastity and warn you of the days of Resurrection and death , and hoist you his ( threatening ) flags : Imagine death with its terrible frightening looks , its unwanted arrival, and its bitter taste has clawn at your soul and has made an obstacle between you and your deeds. Still you care more about your body (rather than soul). I can see the calamity of death grabs you suddenly and drags you from the surface of the earth to its depth and from the heights of the earth to its lower places and from the joy and familiarity of the earth to the horror of the grave, from the prosperity and illumination of earth to the darkness and pitch blackness of the grave and from the vastness of the earth to the tightness of the grave. It takes you to that prison to which your nearest relative is not allowed to visit you, to a place where patients have no right to be visited, to a place where there is no response to any cry or scream. May the Almighty God save us from the difficulties and problems of this day and salvage both we and you from the punishment of that day, and makes us deserving his great rewards. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 78, P.120)


53 - I advise you to keep the divine piety. Surely the God has ensured for the one who keeps his piety to transfer him from what he dislikes to what he likes; and provides him with sustenance form an unexpected way. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 78, P. 121)


54 - Beware not to be among those who fear that people might face punishment for their sins but they feel secured from their own sins. Surely the glorious God can not be cheated and no reward can be achieved from him except by his obedience ; God willing. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 78 , P. 121)


55 - O' the son of Adam ! Think for a while and ask yourself : Where are the kings and emperors of the world ? Where are those who re-built the ruins , dug ditches and wells , planted trees and set up habitable towns ? Where are those who gathered wealth ? They had to part with their wealth and properties and leave them to other reluctantly. We, too, will have the same fate. (Irshad al-Quloob , Vol. 1 , P. 29)


56 - O' the son of Adam! Imagine your death bed , your grave , imagine the Day of Judgement when all parts of your body will testify against you ; the day when knees will tremble , hearts will be squeezed inside tight chests ;the day secrets will be disclosed , people will be unmasked , some will come out victorious and dignified and some will be disgraced , and the divine justice will gauge people's deeds. (Irshad al-Quloob, Vol.1, P. 29)


57 - O' the son of Adam! Remember the death of your fathers and your children, where they were, and to where they went. I can foresee that you, too ,will join them very soon and provide a lesson for others. (Irshad al-Quloob, Vol. 1 , P. 29)


58 - We are the victorious party of God , we are the household of the Messenger of God and the relatives of him. We are the dignified and chaste family of the prophet , we are one of the two great weights of which the prophet of God has appointed us as the second to the book of God ( which is the first of the two weights ).The book in which there are explanations for everything. There is no wrong init. The Holy Quran for which we have been trusted to interpret. We will never be helpless in its interpretation. In our interpretation , we follow the facts of the Holy Quran. O' people do obey us, because obeying us is compulsory for you, and is tantamount to obeying God and his Messenger. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 44 , P. 205)


59 - A person asked Imam Hussain (as): "O' the son of the messenger of God, how can we know God Almighty?" Imam replied: "By knowing and obeying the Imam of your time."(Biharol Anwar, Vol. 5, P. 312)


60 - Divine laws and Islamic principles must be carried out only by us Imams, the divine scholars, who have thorough knowledge of the permitted and forbidden things by God. (Biharol Anwar, Vol. 97, P. 80)

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