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Offensive operation to free Susangerd (November 17th, 1980)

iranian soldiers, iran-iraq war

Extensive assault of Iraq in Khuzestan province took place in three axes. In Dezful axis combatants of IRI army could stop the enemy in the west of the river and prevent disruption of Ahwaz-Andimeshk road. They could even retain a beachhead in the west of the river at the foot of Karkheh Bridge. In Khoramshar and Abadan axis, part of Khoramshar was occupied and Abadan was besieged. In middle axis, tough resistance of Iranian forces, despite lack of adequate integrated formation, made Iraqis change direction of their attacks repeatedly with no success at all. So, the enemy contented itself with the occupation of Susangerd to raise morale of its invading forces and changing its name to Khoffajiyeh for propaganda purposes. This action took place on November 16th, 1980.

Soon after, 92nd armor division of IRI army supported by existing units and combatants engaged themselves in an operation to recapture Susangerd. They began their attack towards Susangerd at 6:30 a.m on November 17th, 1980.

Hamidiyeh –Susangerd in the south of Karkheh River was the main axis of attack. Another attack was carried out concurrently on the north of the river from Sobhaniyeh village to Sousangurd.


- Susangerd was liberated and defensive positions of Iraqi forces yielded towards Malekiyeh River. Hamidiyeh -Susangerd road was freed and the enemy retreated around 15 kilometers. - 750 Iraqis were cither killed or injured. - One airplane and one helicopter were shot down, 40 tanks and personnel carriers, a few guns and a lot of equipment were among losses of the enemy. Several tanks and personnel carriers and a lot of communication equipment were seized.


The book named: Atlas of Unforgettable Battles

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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