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Eat to Lose


The Prevention Reshape Your Body plan incorporates easy food strategies you can follow for life. Women succeed at weight loss when they get a handle on their portions and eat in a balanced way .Three key tips:

Get your protein

Research shows that protein-rich foods such as fish, chicken, low-fat dairy and lean meats can increase satiety, meaning they help you feel full longer. Eat them with every meal, especially breakfast, to curb the urge to snack all day long.

Eat early

Have breakfast, even if it's simply oatmeal or a hard-boiled egg. It jump-starts your metabolism and prevents late-day bingeing. Studies have found that dieters are most successful when they start their day with a meal.

Get a "hand-le" on portions.

"Most of us eat too much—period. To lose weight, you have to eat proper portions.Use your hand to measure.

 Food                               How to measure


 Meat, fish,                     poultry 3 ounces = palm of hand 


 Mixed nuts                    1/4 cup = 1 layer on palm 


 Cereal/popcorn             1 cup = 2 cupped hands 


 Cheese                          1 ounce = 1 thumb  


 Butter/oil                       1/2 teaspoon = 1 fingertip

The Correct Way of Eating Fruits

The Correct Way of Eating Fruits

We all think eating fruits means just buying fruits, cutting it and just popping it into our mouths. It's not so easy as you think.....
The Importance of Breakfast

The Importance of Breakfast

In the time you spend each morning calibrating your hair gel, you could be doing something more important, with a much better payoff: eating breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day....
Honey better than cough medicines

Honey better than cough medicines

A new study released Monday by a research team at Pennsylvania state university found that honey may offer parents an effective and...
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