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Earth as a Big Cradle

the holy qur’an

The Earth is the place of living, rest and comfort for mankind. The Beneficent God has created, on the earth, all the necessary means, and has left them at man’s disposal: Suitable soil for growth of various plants, air for breathing, water by which everything is alive, various resources and mines, the mountains which like pins hold the earth in place and cause its surface to be safe from severe storms and quakes.

The Earth’s gravity and its rotation around its axis and around the Sun has turned this planet to a cradle which, with its smooth and orderly rotation, it brings day and night one after the other for the mankind to work during the day and to rest and repose during the quiet and calm of the night. And the Loving God has created for every human a mate to repose with and also, for the life on Earth to continue; and He says:

Did We not set the Earth as a cradle, and the mountains as bulwarks, and created you in pairs, and appointed your sleep for your repose, and made the night as a covering, and appointed the day for your seeking livelihood? (Verses 6-11)

Source: The Book name Acquaintance with The Glorious Qur’an

By Farzneh zanbaqi

Translated by G.H. Arabi

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