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  • 2/8/2011

The Framed Cat

tom  and jerry

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The Egg and Jerry

Tennis Chumps


Peace Treaty

Little Quacker

Slicked-up Pup

Slicked-up Pup

Spike has just bathed Tyke so that he is nice and clean. However, Spike is horrified when, through the constant chases of Tom and Jerry, Tyke ends up getting dirty by falling into a muddy puddle. Spike ...
His Mouse Friday

His Mouse Friday

The cartoon begins with Tom stranded at sea, floating on a wooden raft after presumably being shipwrecked, a la Robinson Crusoe. The poor cat has nothing to eat but shoes and shoelaces. When he spots an island, ...
Cue ball Cat

Cue ball Cat

Tom is playing pool in an empty billiards hall and Jerry has the misfortune of living within the pool table. The gloves come off quickly. Both Tom and Jerry take their knocks in this one, an equally painful competition which is always nice to see.
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