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Sayings of Imam Hussein (A.S.) to Illuminate Your Mind

Part 3

imam hossein

31. A nation, which buys goodwill of the created (people) at the cost of annoying the Creator, can never be happy and fortunate.

Note: when the rulers of different countries purify their souls & get prepared to obey Imam Mahdi (A.S) and Jesus (A.S) the golden age of divine justice for all the people of the world shall be realized.

"Surely Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change the condition of their soul i.e. purify their Inner Self."(Ra"ad:13)

32. O People! You also take lesson from what God has advised His learned Sages. Allah has condemned the people of the Book when He said:"Why do not the Rabbis and expert scholars prohibit them from speaking of what is sinful ?" (S5:A63) and God has said," The disbelievers among the progeny of Israel were cursed by the tongue of David &Jesus son of Mary; this was because they disobeyed (God)and used to transgress the limit(5:78)

33. A person came to Imam Hussein (A.S) and told him ,"I am a sinner and I can not withhold myself from committing sins (disobedience to God ) so please bless me with your admonition .

" Imam Hussein (A.S)advised him :"Do five things and commit whatever sin you like;1) Don’t eat any food created by God & commit whatever sin you like .2) Get out of God"s realm(universe) and commit whatever sin you like 3)Find a place where God cannot see you and commit whatever sin you like 4)When the Angel of Death (Ezraiel) comes to withdraw soul from your body make him flee from you and commit whatever sin you like .5)When Maalik(the angel) likes to cast you into the fire of hell, don"t enter into hell and commit whatever sin you like ."

34. To argue with one who is unable to think reasonably is an indication of ones ignorance.(Never argue with imbeciles)

35. A) I am slain by tears .No momin remembers me without shedding tears.

B) Weeping with fear of God is deliverance from the fire of hell.

Note: a) Weeping is Emotional Expression of love and grief .It is natural even though a person may pacify himself with the sorrowful incident as a test in life.

b) One who weeps at Imam Hussein"s tragedy gets closely linked to him spiritually and his love leads him to give up sins with sincere repentance and a firm decision not to repeat sins after seeking forgiveness, thus he becomes purified by shedding tears. It is a major sin to give up hope in God"s Mercy, an ocean of Forgiveness.

c) For prevention of incessant crimes and sins it is necessary that Hope in God"s forgiveness should balance or counterpoise Fear of God"s punishment.

d) Imam Mahdi (A.F) weeps morning & night at the tragedy of Imam Hussein (A.S) God shall punish his enemies after the respite for Satan is over by Emergence of Imam Mahdi (A.F.)

(قل جاء آلحق و ذهق الباطل)

36. Imam Hussein (A.S) once cried for help in the imposed battle at Karbala. He said:" Is there any person who would help me?"

هل من ناصر ينصرني


Note: a) If a few opponents had left Yazid"s army to help Imam Hussein(A.S.)it would have made no difference. Hurr the commander of Yazid"s army did not choose to barter eternal heavenly life in paradise with this temporal worldly life, so he sacrificed his life for Imam Husain (A.S) by fighting against the army of Yazid.

Imam Hussein (A.S) cried for help to give chance to his opponents to enter paradise but they were too materialistic to think like the wise, just & unbiased Hurr. God is proud of Husain(A.S) , who sacrificed his life & everything to perpetuate the True Islam of God as revealed to His last & best messenger. The call of Imam Hussein(A.S.) for help is for all times up to Doomsday. Whoever obeys God and joins Imam Hussein(A.S.) by regarding him as a model and disobeys Satan is Imam’s helper.

Allamah Iqbal considers Imam Husain (A.S) as the real meaning of Zebhe Azim because eventually a lamb was sent by God and sacrificed by the messengerAbraham (A.S) whereas Hussein(A.S.) was a Great Sacrifice Indeed.

الله الله باي بسم الله پدر معني ذبح عظيم آمد پسر (شعر از علامه اقبال)

37. Beware of oppressing a person, who finds no one to revenge against you except God the Mighty & the Majestic.

38. Imam Hussein (A.S) has said: "" You have a good example in me "" i.e. Imam Hussein is a good model for mankind to follow.

Note 1: a) The holy messenger (S.A) has said:" Indeed Hussein is the lamp for guidance (in the darkness of satanic misguidance) & the Ark for salvation from Hell .

ان الحسین مصباح الهدی وسفینه النجات


b) The example of my Ahle-bayt is like Nooh"s Ark, one who gets on it is saved &the one who deserts it is damned & drowned though with majority.

Note2: Those who were drowned were in Majority whereas the Minority were saved because they followed Nooh (A.S).Hence majority is not a Criterion of right & truth. Those who supported Nooh & Imam Hussein (A.S) shall be eternally in paradise although in Minority & those who supported Yazid in the battle of Karbala and all those who think that Yazid was right and argue in favour of Yazid although in Majority will be shoved into Hell.like the deserters of Nooh (A.S) who were in Majority.

The real criterion of victory in the Sight of God is obedience to Him to deserve eternal paradise.

39. a) O! the slave of Ummah!(not the slave of God )May you be damned & destroyed. O the deserters of the Book of God! O the misinterpreters of the Word of God!(The Holy Quran) O the( satanic) group that originates sin & crime !O the destroyers of the Conduct & Manners & Traditions of the best & last Messenger of God!................: We the true followers of God"s chosen messenger never bear contempt (of allegiance)هیهات منا الذله

b) By God! I shall not reply in affirmative to their demand (for allegiance) until I meet Allah the Almighty steeped & dyed in my blood.

Note: Imam Hussein"s statement هیهات منا الذله is a slogan of all good people who hail Liberty and Freedom and don"t tolerate tyranny from satanic rulers.

40. O God! You Yourself initiate all blessings prior to worshippers" invocation & You are the Magnanimous Bestower before the supplicants implore You. And You are the Munificent, Who borrows from us what You have Yourself given us bountifully. O my God! Call me with Your Mercy till I reach You & absorb me in Your Grace till I occupy my place with You.

Note a): "O The satisfied peaceful Soul return to your Lord pleased with His Goodwill. So enter among My (beloved) servants and enter My paradise. (Surahe Fajr: 27, 28, 29)

The above Aayaat are in reference to Imam Hussein (A.S).

b) Imam Hussein(A.S) told Hazrate Zainab (S.A):"My dear Sister, do not let Satan defeat your Patience. All inhabitants of the earth and heavens taste death, but God the Almighty, Who created all creations with His Creative Power, is ever alive. He shall one day resurrect &revive all the dead people (for the Day of Recompense) just as He created them in the beginning out of nothing.

Compiled and Translated by Syed Zainulabedin, Tehran, Iran

Source: alhassanain.com

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