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East Azarbayjan Bridges



The bridge was constructed on Ghezel-Ozan River in entrance way of Ghaflan-kooh heights in 20 km east direction of Mianeh. There is no written document subject to its time of construction. On 12.12.1946, for preventing of Shah Army attack to Azarbayjan, middle bridge roof collapsed due to bombing. At present time, Pol-e-Dokhtar of Mianeh remains as previous time and remain the day of different historical events during numerous centuries.

Tabriz Bridge (Aji Chay)

The bridge is the only ancient Iranian passage way and connect part of east world to west world. The bridge is located in northwest of Tabriz on Talkheh River. Bridge holds 16 orifices with 100 meters length of 5meters width. Name of bridge for the first time pointed out in Safavid texts in time of 1st Shah Ismaeil in traveler’s book.

Panj-Cheshmeh-Bonab Bridge

It is a historical bridge with distance of 600 km from east side of Bonab East ring way on Safi River. The bridge contains five streams with length of 50 meters and width 804 meters. Standing legs are made of stone and curves are made of square shape brick. Floor covered with stone and in both side has a brick bump with one meter length.

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