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Persian Proverbs (Part 3)


"آنقدر مار خورده که افعي شده"

Literal Translation: He has eaten so many snakes that he has become a viper.

Connotation: He has dealt with so many scoundrels that he himself has become the chief rogue.

English Equivalent: When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.


"آواز دهل شنيدن از دور خوشه"

Literal Translation: Kettledrum sounds dulcet when heard from afar.

Connotation: What you hear about something may not be equivalent to its qualities.

English Equivalent: All that glitters is not gold.


"از اون نترس که هاي و هوي داره، از اون بترس که سر به زير داره"

Literal Translation: Don"t be afraid of he who raises a hue and cry; be afraid of he who holds his head down.

Connotation: The reticent can be more dangerous than the boisterous.

English Equivalent: Empty vessels make the most noise. Barking dogs seldom bite.


"از اين دم بريده هر چي بگي بر‌مياد"

Literal Translation: You name it, this imp has done it.

Connotation: This prankster doesn"t stop short of any tricks.

English Equivalent: I wouldn"t put it past him.


"از اين ستون به آن ستون فرجه"

Literal Translation: From this column to that column may be a relief.

Connotation: Trying every situation may bring a solution.

English Equivalent: Try, try, try again


"از تو حرکت، از خدا برکت"

Literal Translation: From you, action, from God, benediction.

Connotation: You have to work towards something first instead of expecting luck.

English Equivalent: God helps those who help themselves.


"از خرس موئي، غنيمته"

Literal Translation: Even a hair off the bear is serendipitous.

Connotation: It is so unlikely to obtain anything from this person that even a smidgen is a win.

English Equivalent: Half a loaf is better than no bread.


"از درد لا‌علاجي به خر ميگه خانمباجي"

Literal Translation: Out of desperation, he calls donkey dame.

Connotation: His options are so limited that he has to settle for the worst pinchbeck.

English Equivalent: Beggars can"t be choosers.


"از دور دل و ميبره، از جلو زهره رو"

Literal Translation: At a distance, she takes the heart; up close, she takes the gall-bladder.

English Equivalent: She"s a Monet.


"از کوزه همان برون تراود که در اوست"

Literal Translation: What percolates out of the jug is what"s inside it.

English Equivalent: Every tree is known by its fruit.


"از کيسه خليفه مي‌بخشه"

Literal Translation: She doles out of Caliph"s purse.

Connotation: Someone is being generous at someone else"s expense.

English Equivalent: Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.


"از گير دزد در آمده، گير رمال افتاد"

Literal Translation: He escaped the thief, and fell in fortune-teller"s trap.

English Equivalent: Out of the frying pan into the fire.


"از ماست که بر ماست"

Literal Translation: It"s from us that"s upon us.

Connotation: We"re responsible for our own misfortune.

English Equivalent: Keep your own counsel. Watch your back.


"از مردي تا نامردي يک قدم است"

Literal Translation: Doughtiness and cowardice are one step apart.

English Equivalent: Cowards may die many times before their deaths.


"از نخورده بگير، بده به خورده"

Literal Translation: Take it from the famished and give it to the nourished.

English Equivalent: The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.


"از يک گل بهار نميشه."

Literal Translation: A single flower makes not Spring.

English Equivalent: One swallow does not a summer make.


"از اين گوش ميگيره، از آن گوش در ميکنه"

Literal Translation: She takes in from one ear, and lets out from the other ear.

Connotation: One doesn"t pay attention to the given advice.

English Equivalent: Goes in one ear comes out the other.


"اسب پيشکشي رو، دندوناشو نمي‌شمرند"

Literal Translation: They don"t count the teeth of a gift horse.

Connotation: Do not be critical of what has been given to you for free.

English Equivalent: Don"t look a gift horse in the mouth.


Source: wikiquot.org

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