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Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith (12)

prophet muhammad

1. Fatimah is a part of me. So, whoever offends her offends me.

2. Expecting praise and admiration from people blinds the eyes and deafens the ears.

3. It has been mentioned by Omma Salamah that our Holy Prophet covered Hassan, Hussein, Ali and Fatimah with a cloak and said: ‘Oh God they are the special members of my household, take any uncleanliness away from them and purify them. ‘Omma Salamah asked: ‘Oh Prophet of God, am I one of them? ‘Our Holy Prophet said: ‘Blessings and good health awaits you. ‘

4. Woe to him who wallows in ignorance and woe still to one who knows and does not put his knowledge into practice.

5 - Any punishment consummated on earth is better than 40 days of rain for the dwellers of the earth.

6 - One night of vigil for the sake of God is better than one thousand nights spent in praying and the same number dedicated to fasting.

7 - Inculcate three qualities among your children: Love of Prophet and members of his household and recitation of Qur’an.

8. A filthy look is a poisonous shaft from Satan’s bolts.

9. A believer who associates with people and endures their misconduct is better than a believer who dissociates from the community and shows no tolerance to their provocations.

10. Winter is the spring of a believer.

11. Ensure the safety of your property by paying the poor rates, cure the sick by paying alms, and resort to prayers to ward off reverses.

12. What is memorized by a child is like a pattern engraved upon a stone and the things committed to memory by an adult are like inscriptions upon water.

13. Paradise is achieved by bearing hardships and Hell by following desires.

14. God will keep the fire away from the face of that person on the Day of Judgement who defends the honor of his brother.

15. Gratitude for blessings ensures continuation without decline.


16. Plan your work wisely; if any good ensues implement it , and if you fear dire consequences hold your hand .

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