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Azerbaijani Proverbs

a key


1. Beauty is ten, nine of which is dressing.

2. Beauty without virtue is a curse.

3. Cheap meat never makes a good soup.

4. Courage is ten; nine is the ability to escape.

5. Courage mounteth with occasion.

6. He can't see the beam in his own, but he's looking for an eyelash in someone else's.

7. I tried to draw the eyebrow, but I ended up poking the eye.

8. Its not shameful not to know, but it's shameful not to ask.

9. Make sure your blanket covers your feet.

10. never mind storms and snows for the sake of a friend.

11. One’s own simple bread is much better than someone else's pilaf.

12. Pass the bridge that your kinsmen have passed.

13. Saying ‘halva-halva’ won't make your mouth sweet.

14. The forest can't be without its jackals.

15. Until spring comes, nightingales do not sing.

16. Until the lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter.

Source: worldofquotes.com

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