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Children of 21st century to live 100 years: Study

a kid

A study finds that life expectancy is increasing in many countries and babies born today in developed countries will have a good shot at scoring a century.

German and Danish researchers have found that increasing life expectancy in many countries have measured beyond scientific expectations.

James Vaupel of the Max Planck Institute in Germany and colleagues in Denmark wrote in Friday medical journal Lancet that the process of aging may be ‘modifiable.’

Japan has the world's longest life expectancy and the new study shows that more than half of the country's 80-year-old women are expected to make it to their 90th birthday.

‘Improvements in health care is leading to ever slowing rates of aging, challenging the idea that there is a fixed ceiling to human longevity,’ said aging expert at University College London David Gems, who studies drugs that can increase the life span of mice.

‘Laboratory studies of mice, including our own, demonstrate that if you slow aging even just a little, it has a strong protective effect,’ he said. ‘A pill that slowed aging could provide protection against the whole gamut of aging-related diseases.’

Although the elderly are in a constant challenge with various illnesses, medical advancements help them remain active for longer.

A complicating element, however, still remains and that is the obesity epidemic that makes overweight people more susceptible to diseases and eventually an earlier death.

Source: presstv.ir

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