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The city of Karaj

the city of karaj

Karaj is a beautiful city in northern Iran located by the side of the Karaj River. The magnificent flow of the Karaj River is not the sole source of beauty in the land of Karaj. The tourists can entertain themselves by the majestic views of the mountains. The beautiful Elburz Mountains provide a natural beauty to the landscape of Karaj. Karaj is located at the southern foot of the Elburz Mountains.

Karaj is mostly famous because of its academic and educational complexes along with tourist attractions.


The history of Karaj dates back many centuries. The stone built Zoroastrian fire temple of Takht-e-Rostam from the Parthian era is a testament to this.

The Suleimanieh palace (currently housing a college of Agriculture), the mausoleum of Shahzadeh Suleiman, Imamzadeh Rahman and Zeid Palang Abad-e-Eshtehard are other historical relics of the Karaj area.


The climate in Karaj is quite a temperate one that draws the tourists in big numbers. The temperature is pretty cool in the foot of the Elburz Mountains. The tourists move to Karaj to spend their vacations. The calm weather and the majestic sceneries of the natural landscape in Karaj revitalize the tourists. There have been several cases where a trip to Karaj has healed many diseases of the people. The hospitality of the local inhabitants along with the clean environment in Karaj makes it a dream place to tour. Amirkabir dam and small lakes are based here. Karaj's climate is a bit cooler than Tehran and it receives 260 mm of rain annually.

Karaj today

The economical base for Karaj is its proximity to Tehran, where transportation of products between the capital and the Caspian Sea is central. Chemicals, fertilizers and processed agricultural goods are also produced here.

It is connected by freeway, railway to Tehran 40 km east and Qazvin 100 km northwest, and by commuter rail to Tehran subway system (Metro).

The downtown of Karaj is usually referred to Karaj Square, located hundred of meters to the West of Karaj River and the old Karaj Bridge.

amirkabir dam

Karaj's major districts include:






Mehr Vila


Shahin Vila

Dehghan Vila













Muhammad Shahr


Kalak & Hesar

Kiyanmehr & Mehdi Abad


Islam Abad


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NIce ,wana say mehrshahr its use to be one of the best place karaj/Tehran,, but now still its good not as use to be.. cuse mehrshahr get realy busy and trafic and more,,,
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011
what is the name of Kuye Khan now in Karaj, und where is the parking of Bus of Sherkate Vahed in Karaj. thank you
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Thursday, February 11, 2010
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